8 Common Laundry Mistakes

8 Common Laundry Mistakes

Tuesday 26th March 2019

It does not matter how long you have been doing laundry, these mistakes are common, and they can easily damage your clothes.

1. Sorting only Lights and Darks
Most people only sort lights from darks forgetting to separate dirty or muddy clothes from lightly soiled pieces. Heavy or abrasive fabrics such as denim should also be separated from delicate ones.

2. Putting detergents directly to clothes
When doing laundry, you should load your washing machine in this order, start with clothes then add water and finally add detergent. If you are using bleach start with water then clothes and finally the detergent.

3. Overusing the dryer
Stretchy clothes such as yoga pants and delicate fabrics should be air dried because it is more gentle and maintains their shape. Never overload dryer or over dry fabrics and fold or hang immediately after removing clothes from the dryer to prevent wrinkles.

4. Mixing socks with clothes
To prevent losing socks regularly, always put socks first in the washer first so that they don't attaché to other clothes. Socks mainly go missing when they attach to other clothes and easily get misplaced.

5. Open zippers
Loose zippers can gash delicate clothes and also scratch the inner surface of the washer. Unclipped bras can also pull fabrics or destroy the washer drum. Always remember to close zippers and clip bras or buy lingerie bags to prevent them from being damaged.

6. Button-down shirts
Washing shirts while still buttoned can cause damage by ripping the buttonholes. Confirm all button are open including the collar and cuff button.

7. Test red shirts
Use the "bleeding" test to find out if they will mess white clothes. It's simple to do, wet a hidden part of the shirt, then blot it with a white cloth and observe if the dye bleeds. If it bleeds, wash it alone until it stops running. Martha Stewart Living suggests that you include a white sock when washing red clothes to check.

8. Clean the filter and hose
Last but not least, most people forget to clean the filter and hose when they are clearing the lint trap. Dip a toothbrush in detergent and use it to scrub the filter clean. Clean your hose once per year to remove lingering lint.

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