7 Tips to Ensure Your Clothes Last Longer

7 Tips to Ensure Your Clothes Last Longer

Friday 12th April 2019

When clothes last longer you can reduce the shopping trips you make per year and save a few pounds. Taking care of your clothes does not need chemicals or special skills; anybody can do it at their home. Children need a regular change of clothes as they grow bigger, while on the other hand adults can wear clothes for long as long as they are in good condition and shape.

1. Buying Good Quality Clothes
Start by buying quality clothes that are less prone to damages. You can then buy cheaper seasonal clothes to supplement the main wardrobe.

2. Do proper Laundering
Always follow the manufacturer's directions printed on the tag found on the clothes. The instructions give you the best conditions that ensure the clothing lasts longer.

3. Maintain Good Hygiene
You should maintain good hygiene and wear the right clothes for the correct event. Avoid expensive clothes if you are going to parties where things may get messy and ruin your clothes.

4. Do basic Repairs
You should be able to carry out basic repairs such as replacing a missing button or a loose thread. When you fix these minor issues clothes will last longer.

5. Practice correct ironing
Ironing involves heat, and when you don't iron at the recommended temperatures, you may damage your fabrics. Check the clothes tag to see the right heat level to use. For example, linen should be ironed at 445oF and wool at 300oF and so forth.

6. Rotate your clothes
Rotating your clothes prevents wear and tear. Arrange your clothes in the closet such that the stuff from the laundry goes at the back while the other clothes come at the front.

7. Good storage practice
Always store your clothes correctly to avoid wear and tear. Fold heavy sweaters on a self rather than hanging them also close zippers and button-up shirts when storing them

Follow these simple ways, and you will save a lot of money that may go to buying new clothes now and then.

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